Here are 5 travel emojis that I have come across that are either just hilarious or just useful to know.

Great alternatives to be used when travelling – in the future of course 🙂

A flaming hot pizza. So, should be used to identify excellent pizza establishments?

No – this is the emoji for Hot Springs!

Use when: Ordering a pizza in Hot Springs, South Dakota

er…Gandalf the Grey?

No – its the emoji for a Mage (who actually uses this in conversation?)

Use when visiting: Middle Earth aka New Zealand

A Flying Saucer! Yes!?

Yes – the emoji for a UFO. (again, who uses this in conversation?)

Use when visiting: Roswell, New Mexico

A Greek Vase?

Well, kind of. It’s the emoji for an Amphora. Used by ancient Greeks and Romans to transport liquids.

Use when visiting: Archaeological sites in Greece and Italy.

A Tuk tuk!

Yes – the emoji is officially called an ‘Auto Rickshaw’. An essential mode of transport in places like India and South East Asian countries like Cambodia and Vietnam. What an experience to ride in one of them!

Use when visiting: The Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. The only way to get between the various sites is by Tuk tuk!

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