Unlikely Travel Tips from James Bond

Ahead of us going to see the new Bond film later today (featuring Daniel Craig for the last time as Her Majesty’s favourite secret agent) I thought it would be fun to highlight some unlikely travel tips that we have picked up across all the Bond films from 007.

A bit of poetic licence (to kill) but they are all quite relevant if you think about it 😊

Travel Light but always pack a good suit – What can you say – swimsuit (tick) and evening wear (tick tick)

Learn a language – Always valuable to communicate with locals in their mother tongue. They honestly do appreciate you making the effort.

In ‘The World is Not Enough’ (Bond is undercover pretending to be a Russian scientist):

Dr Christmas Jones (in Russian) “Your English is very good for a Russian”

James Bond (in English) “ I studied at Oxford”

Pierce Brosnan played James Bond in The World is Not Enough

Consider taking the train – Clearly watching his carbon footprint (as we all should) train travel is an alternative that most people don’t really consider. Mr Bond has done several train journeys including a spectacular fight scene on top of one in Skyfall, however the bad guy with phenomenal dental work (Jaws in The Spy who Loved Me) or conniving ex girlfriend (Vespa Lynd in Casino Royale) are optional extras.

Travel to unusual destinations – Tropical islands, deserted islands, salt pans, going underwater and who can forget Moonraker. James Bond in space.

Sir Roger Moore as Bond in Moonraker

Everyone loves a nice gadget.  Ok, so not everyone has access to their very own Q branch but there are some rather nifty travel accessories out there for the average individual including the largely underestimated spork. Also consider noise cancelling headphones and a universal adaptor.

Due to budget cuts, the Spork might be Bond’s new weapon of choice?

Now we wait for the announcement on who will be the new Bond.

As always: shaken, not stirred!

Opinions expressed are our own.

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