Is there life on Mars?

Mars has very much been in the news lately as a new rover (Perseverance) has landed on the planet’s surface. Another one is expected to land in the next 6 months with a further 2 in the next couple of years.

This effectively means that Mars now probably has more tourists then anywhere on Earth!

Yeah, I’m getting creative here so bear with me……:-D

So what do we know about Mars?

Life on Mars TV series
Mars chocolate bar

There’s also Bruno Mars and Veronica Mars. (no relation)

Of course, the classic song by David Bowie, a whole host of books, cartoons and that film about the guy that was left there and grew potatoes.

So, what’s the point?

The whole idea of all these rovers going to Mars is to search for ancient life. By ‘ancient life’, scientists mean microscopic life and not something out of Star Trek, Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy. (Reminds me of the Galaxy song by Monty Python!)

As this is technically a travel blog, let’s have a look at Mars as a potential tourist destination of the future – in about 150 years or more! Even if it were possible to travel there, it would take about 300 days to get to Mars. It helps that NASA have reconstructed the entire surface of Mars with pictures sent back from the various probes that have orbited the planet and it’s there for all to see, well if you know where to look!

Here’s a way of visiting the Red Planet from the comfort of our amazing Blue one: via Google Earth Pro (which is free to download if you don’t have it).

On the top tool bar, about half way there is an icon that looks like a planet with a drop down arrow, if you click on it – select Mars from the drop down and hey presto!

Mars image from Google Earth Pro

Check out the guided tour, watch the sightseeing videos or read ‘A Traveler’s Guide to Mars’ on the left hand menu.

Have a search for the famous landmarks:

  • Eberswalde Crater
  • Mawrth Vallis
  • Olympus Mons
  • The Face on Mars

In the science fiction novels, it was always Earth being invaded by robots from Mars. Now in a spectacular reversal, its Mars being invaded by robots from Earth! There have been loads of them! ( I’ve referred to them as ‘tourists’ for blog purposes 🙂 )

Click on ‘Rovers and Landers’ to see the paths taken by the various robotic vehicles.

If you have found the tour of Mars interesting, head over to the Moon have a look for the Sea of Tranquility and a few other interesting sites.

Literally out of this world and absolutely fascinating!

Happy travelling!

Money spent on travel: £0

Distance travelled: 225 million kilometres

‘Travel’ posters from NASA Science: Solar System Exploration

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  1. What a fun blog! Love the bit about the threat not being Martian robots invading earth, but the other way around. Think I’ll be happy to explore this place from home – thanks for the tip about using Google Earth Pro. 🙂

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