Catch 22

The term ‘Catch 22’ was coined in the book by Joseph Heller and later a movie of the same name about World War 2.

A dictionary definition of the term is ‘a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.’

An interesting thought for 2022.

So, now that we are firming into the new year, I thought it was about time that we have a look at some travel trends for this year, well, according to me.

Here are a few:

The BIG thing

A friend contacted me this week. She is having a significant birthday this year and her only child is leaving home in September to go to university, so she wanted to do something…BIG.

I mean really BIG.

Something that would take her out of the comfort zone. Something she had always wanted to do but for various reasons couldn’t (time and/or money) or just thought it was a nice but generally crazy idea.

The pandemic has changed many things.

Catch 22.

She wants to do the Inca Trail and because we did the Inca Trail in 2016, she wanted some advice on what it was really like. (Cue a topic for a future blog – watch this space 😊)

All roads lead to Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail as well as more extreme/ challenging trips like Everest Base Camp and summiting Mt Kilimanjaro have seen bookings surge.

Likewise, the Camino de Santiago for its spiritual reset.

African Safaris, Nile Cruises in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, India, American National Parks, Canada, Japan…the list is endless.

So, what’s on your bucket list?

The Treasury at Petra, Jordan


Quite closely linked to the above point is the resurgence in popularity of fly-drive holidays – so this where either you book a flight, a car and then sort out your accommodation independently or you get a tour operator to sort out it all out (normally a better deal than you can EVER get!) and have a more set itinerary.

The rest is up to you.

One of the advantages is that you have more freedoms then if you were on a group holiday – you can stay in places that you like longer and move along faster from the ones you don’t.

For European destinations like Greece, Spain and Italy – some operators offer a fly, car hire and villa combination.

Other great fly-drive destinations are the USA, Canada, South Africa and (one day when they re-open) Australia and New Zealand.

Here are some examples of Fly drive holidays.

Travelling with a purpose

This is something I have been looking into personally with great interest: the combination of a holiday with something else. For the greater good of others and/or the planet.

For a long time these trips has been associated with GAP year students but there is a now a drive to make this achievable for anyone and everyone!

Things like wildlife research and environmental conservation., teaching, community development, climate change investigations and of course, archaeological and paleontological digs (my favourite).

Or even to learn a new skill. Like wildlife photography in the Kruger National Park or learn to scuba dive in Fiji.

Timeframes can run from 7 to 50 days plus.

Here are some options for volunteer projects or to learn skills from Trailfinders.

Earthwatch also offer a range of scientific expeditions across ocean health, wildlife conservation, climate change and archaeology.

Just to note: Earthwatch is a non-profit organisation, so their primary funding for scientific research will come from these trips. They might appear expensive, so if you can’t fund it yourself, why not do crowd funding or some other kind of fundraising 😊.

Also, remember to think about airfares and other expenses not included.

My paleontology dig experience at the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota in 2017

The rise of rail

Who doesn’t like a train trip?

Well, obviously if you are regular train commuter (or used to be prior to Covid) you might not be that keen.

For the rest of us, it’s a bit of a novelty. And it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

I’ve noticed that a number of tour operators are now offering extensive rail holidays. No longer the regular London to Paris / Brussels or ‘anywhere the EuroStar goes’ jaunts but further afield to more exotic destinations, for example: London to Istanbul, London to Marrakech, London to Athens.

Just remember: the return trip might involve air travel though unless you factor in the return rail journey into your holiday time.

Here are some examples holidays from Explore Worldwide

All aboard!


Nothing wrong with staying local. These holidays became popular and they will continue to do so. There are still a lot of cautious people out there who don’t feel they are ready for travel further afield just yet.

But yet, international travel is beginning to re-awaken.

Is now the time to start thinking about your next BIG thing?

Catch 22…. but please not Covid. Always travel safely.

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