A Look around Lytes Cary Manor

As mentioned in the previous blog, Magnificent Montacute, we visited 3 National Trust properties over the bank holiday weekend in May.

The second property was Lytes Cary Manor and Gardens – about 15 minutes drive away from Montacute.

Lytes Cary Manor is a smaller property of which parts date back to the 14th century and has a wonderful garden to just wander around.

The manor itself is not open completely due to Covid restrictions. Only the downstairs part is open. Upstairs was deemed to narrow to allow social distancing.

Interestingly, one of the National Trust volunteers was telling us that a film crew had recently completed filming there of a TV series which is a follow up to a series called ‘The Spanish Princess’.

There are also lovely estate walks of around a mile and a half through the woodland.

A walk around the Lytes Cary estate

Again, you need to book a timed entry on the National Trust site: Lytes Cary Manor | National Trust

A nice combination with nearby Montacute House.

The ice creams at the cafe are particularly good 🙂

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