A Medieval Interlude at Arundel Castle

While in the Chichester area of West Sussex for a family gathering, we visited Arundel. The castle makes up most of the landscape as it overlooks the town and as I had never been there, we decided to visit the Castle and the accompanying gardens.

Quite surprisingly, a Medieval Festival was happening on the same weekend we visited but not surprisingly, it was massively busy because of it. (Note: I may or may not have known about the Medieval festivities on show in advance but if John asks I had no idea!)

Build it and they will cometh…..

At the base of the castle, a tiny tented village was erected and there were re-enactments of life in medieval times – falconry, archery, pottery and even music. Its always fascinating and as we got there as the castle opened at 10, it wasn’t too busy and you got some of the best views of the crafts on display.

Medieval Rock Band

As you walked around the castle grounds, there were individual ‘have a go at….’ sessions for different types of Medieval weapons – axe throwing, archery and cross bow shooting.

There were long queues for all of these, especially the axe throwing….clearly we have anger issues!

The Castle Gardens are small but are quite magnificent and worth a wander around as the Castle Keep only opens later in the day – normally around 11.

The Castle Keep is fantastic to visit. All about Queen Matilda and her ongoing for the battle for the throne with her cousin King Stephen. There is a little about the civil war as well and other occupants of the Castle.

It is quite a climb up loads of stairs and there are several narrow spiral staircases. Just be aware if you are travelling with small children or those with walking difficulties.

The battlements look out into the wonderful Sussex countryside.

The Duke and Duchess of Norfolk are still associated with the castle so quite a bit is cordoned off as ‘private’. The state rooms are also still closed due to Covid restrictions.

Interesting fact I found out while doing my research on Arundel Castle – it appeared in the Wonder Woman 2017 film….so I think I need to watch that again…or practice my axe throwing, whichever comes first!

You can find more information on Arundel Castle including how to book tickets and for information on future Medieval events here

For more information about the town of Arundel itself – the Arundel Museum is literally across the road from the castle entrance. You also get a reduction on the entrance fees if you produce your Arundel Castle ticket.

Links included are for information only and aren’t affiliate links.

All images used are personal photographs taken during the visit to Arundel at the end of July 2021.

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