Worcester’s Fabulous Elephant Trail

Worcester is a lovely, compact city all neatly laid out around the Worcester Cathedral and along the River Severn.

The city is known as significant Civil War battlefield site where Charles II lost a pivotal battle to Oliver Cromwell’s forces in 1651. The King Charles House in the city centre (now a pub) was said to be the place from which Charles fled from as the Parliamentary forces advanced.

King Charles House, Worcester

Dotted around the city are 30 elephants sculptures, sponsored by local businesses and each uniquely decorated by local Worcestershire artists.

This is Worcester’s Big Parade and the idea is to raise funds for the local St Richard’s Hospice.

There are also 36 smaller elephants displayed in the Crowngate Shopping Centre in the city.

My favourite!

There is an app to find and collect all the elephants’ QR codes, which has caused great excitement for children (and some adults too!) as the Elephant Trail has become an extremely popular activity during the summer.

Some elephants are in obvious places but others are in shop window displays so there is a mini safari happening but do hurry if you want to have a go at the trail – the elephants are only on display until the end of the summer. More info can be found here

Some other things to do:

  • Visit the Museum of Royal Worcester porcelain
  • Greyfriars National Trust property in the city centre
  • Walk along Severn Way (passed the Cathedral) to the Diglis Bridge and back
  • Keep an eye out for the Swan Sanctuary along the River Severn
  • Visit the Worcester Cathedral
  • Otherwise, just have a walk around the city – there are beautiful historic buildings everywhere!

Links included are for information only and aren’t affiliate links.

All images used are personal photographs taken during the visit to Worcester in August 2021.

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