Can Jubilee-ve it?

The Platinum Jubilee super-duper long weekend has come and gone….and people are still talking about who was or who wasn’t on the balcony.

Rather creative depiction in Hexham of the Royal Family

I thought it would be good to have a look back at what we regular folk got up to on that momentous weekend of festivities, celebrating Her Majesty, the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

Queen Victoria looking on thinking no-one could possibly top 63 years…

We lit beacons.

Across the Commonwealth as well as in smaller towns and villages in Britain. These included the series of 60 beacons along Hadrian’s Wall where some folk also dressed as Roman archers and fired arrows into the first beacon to be lit, apparently with a backup crew in case the aim was off!

Images of the Roman archers can be seen on the Northumberland Gazette site here

The lit Jubilee beacon at Fourstones (outside Hexham)

There were street parties.

Loads of neighbourhoods did this. Just one long table in the streets with loads of people contributing food and just a celebration of togetherness. After the various lockdowns, it was just nice to get out and mingle.

We loved bunting

And there was loads of it ….everywhere. From fabric to crochet.

And flags too.

And of course the happy hybrid of flag bunting.

And then some got even more creative:

A very regal post box

We loved Corgis even more….in various guises and poses – a deep appreciation of the dog breed that the Queen put on the map. Stumpy little legs….so cute.

But lastly, I would just like to say that 70 years in the industry is a major accomplishment, so congratulations Ma’am.

Happy and glorious!

Long to reign over us!

God save our Queen (and the extended bank holiday weekends!)

For us, the Jubilee weekend gave us an opportunity to experience our very first Northumberland County Show, which deserves its own write up! (see the next blog)

Links included are for information only and aren’t affiliate links.

Opinions expressed are our own based on personal experience.

Photos were taken in and around Corbridge, Hexham and surrounding Northumberland villages.

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