Mud, Glorious Mud

We have experienced all varieties of mud at county shows over the years but it seems the Covid period has made us forget our previous encounters.

This included an episode a few years back at the Bath and West Show where we needed help when the car got stuck. (This is an unnecessary flashback!)

So, to revise, there is:

Soil – Please note: This is NOT mud. (But we have to have a starting point)

Soft mud – Slightly moist but more like damp soil.

Squishy mud – Standard variety, it squishes when you walk on it.

Squishy mud

Sinky mud – This type disguises as squishy mud, but at some point it covers your shoes and you sort of sink.. a bit.

Ice rink mud – The type where you go skating and potentially end up on your…..

I actually thought we had been quite sensible by wearing trainers, however, NOT white trainers.

We quickly realised our mistake when we got smug looks from people in wellies.

But besides this miscalculation in footwear, the Northumberland County Show, held over the Platinum Jubilee festivities was an excellent day out – and it catered for all ages and interests.

Other than the usual County show activities and related equipment there were some other interesting events including a hilarious (yet particularly violent) game of Zorb football for the under 12s, a BMX bike trick display and an opportunity to meet a Viking, although he was on stilts which was confusing.

There was the Ferris wheel, 2 arts and crafts tents as well as a full orchestra playing anything from ABBA to a military medley that included the theme from Dad’s Army and ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’.

Beer tents were strategically sprinkled around too.

There were goats, rabbits, llamas, alpacas, birds of prey and yes, even tortoises.

There were the customary dog shows too.

For us the most popular event was the Gundog Scurry – an event where various gun dogs (Labradors, spaniels etc) had to jump over 2 hay bales, retrieve a toy and return to their master via the 2 hay bales. They had 3 tries. Fastest time wins.

Quite simple you would think, however several Labradors got distracted by snacks.

One even decided to use the hay bales as a toilet stop.

But the cleverest by far was the one that thought: Why jump over the hay bales when you can go around them!

There were so many other events too.

As I scrubbed my trainers when we got home, I made a note to invest in wellies for next time.

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Opinions expressed are our own based on personal experience.

Images are personal photographs taken at the Northumberland County Show in June 2022.

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