The Return to Holy Island

Last year we visited Holy Island (also known as Lindisfarne) for a few hours when we walked across the causeway. (Have a read of the blogs called The Pilgrim’s Path to Holy Island and The Best of Lindisfarne published in 2021)

This year we decided to return and stay overnight on the island to get a different perspective i.e. when most of the day visitors had left.

We managed a walk around the island this time – The Island Trail – which was a less than the 2 hours described on the Natural England noticeboard as it was fairly flat, but amazing views, including a curious ‘sculptures’ dotted around.


And there were very clever sheep who hid under a building away from the sun.

Who’s a clever sheep?

We also took the opportunity to re-visit Lindisfarne Castle, which is a National Trust property

Lindisfarne Castle

And it became very quiet when the tide came in and most of the day visitors had left which is great because we got ice cream without queuing!

Some local Morris Dancers also did an impromptu performance in the evening.

Local entertainment

However there are still some people who ignore the warnings about the tides. Read about the latest rescues on the BBC website here.

Remember to be check the tide times!

Notification on when it’s safe to cross the Holy Island causeway can be found on the Northumberland County website here.

Local warnings and tide times are everywhere!

Don’t be an idiot and think you can take on the North Sea! The Sea will always win!

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Opinions expressed are our own based on personal experience.

Images are personal photographs taken on Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in August 2022.

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