My most popular blogs of 2021

Now that we are firmly into 2022, I just wanted to share with you the 5 most popular blogs based on viewing stats from 2021.

Clearly I am buying time while I figure out a blog strategy for 2022 so please forgive me 🙂 but here they are in case you missed them, starting with no. 5:

This blog was written as a bit of fun really, just as the latest Bond film was released, but soon became quite popular. Have a read of Unlikely travel tips from James Bond

In 4th position, was the blog about our day out at the National Trust property, Stourhead, in the summer. Remind yourself about the Secrets of Stourhead

3rd place goes to a chance find in the city of Worcester while we were visiting in August. Although the elephants are now all sold for charity it was a surprise experience that quite a large number of people loved. There is also a bit of information about what else you can find in Worcester 😊For one more time, why not follow Worcester’s Fabulous Elephant Trail

The runner up in the most popular blog of 2021 stakes that was part of a series on the Forts of Hadrian’s Wall which we visited in October. Re-experience the phenomenal archaeological discoveries in Forts of Hadrian’s Wall: Vindolanda

And finally, the most popular blog of 2021 was about my fantastic 2 week palaeontology dig in the USA way back in 2017 in “It’s the same mouse!”

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Opinions expressed are our own based on personal experience.

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